Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Meet Areli: Through Mentoring she found her extended family


Areli knew she was in trouble.
Areli immigrated from El Salvador to the United States in 2004 with her family. Her husband was battling cancer and she struggled to communicate with his doctors, her children’s teachers, and maintain financial stability. Areli knew she was in trouble.
With only a basic knowledge of English and limited education, Areli had minimal job prospects. Areli felt lost as she tried to lead her family through food insecurity and sickness. Then an ad in the local newspaper about a mentorship program gave her a glimmer of hope. 
Areli reached out to Bergen Volunteers and was quickly paired with her mentor, Alma. They formed an instant connection.

A fellow native Spanish speaker, with the same love of thrift stores and movies, Alma was able to offer guidance, support, and companionship.
Alma (left) and Areli (right) at a Mentoring party.
Alma became Areli’s translator and gave Areli practical financial guidance. She even helped Areli secure a job and dig herself out of financial instability.

It is through programs like Mentoring that Bergen Volunteers can help facilitate connections between people; reminding us that two people, a world apart, can support one another and become an extended family.
Your gift to Bergen Volunteers will ensure that our mentoring staff can continue to provide support for those in our community in need of help.

Any donation large or small makes all the difference towards changing someone’s life.

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