Wednesday, July 25, 2018


On September 25, 2017 we introduced you to Ed Leone, the driver and a member of the CHORE 2 crew on Fridays. Today, we want to take a moment to say THANK YOU to ED for being a member of the CHORE team for 3 years. Your service to the many seniors that you have helped and enable to live in a safe environment has been invaluable. 

In the words of Alicia Zoino, the Chore Program Assistant, “Our CHORE volunteers are truly people who make this world a better place and Ed Leone did that every Friday with this crew. Your dedication to helping others is a blessing to us all.”


You will be missed and we at the Bergen Volunteer Center wish you and your family all the best.

Meet the Chore Volunteers - Ed L.! ( Originally posted 9/25/2017)
Prior to joining Chore and the Friday, Van #2 crew about 1 ½ years ago, Ed Leone was in the graphic arts business—publishing, printing and distributing trade, higher ed and college text books-- for almost 40 years. He enjoys golf and working with his hands. He also volunteers in his town’s Community Band, playing the trumpet, after a hiatus from playing for almost 36 years. He says he needs a little work, but is looking forward to successfully re-mastering this instrument again this summer! “In the short time I have been with Chore, I find it is a valuable resource for seniors and disabled persons, to be able to have repairs done, that they no longer can do themselves. It leaves me with a good feeling that I was able to help our clients make their lives a little better.”

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Want to enjoy a really rewarding experience? Help Bergen County’s senior citizens and disabled people remain safe in their own homes. The Chore Service, sponsored by the Bergen Volunteer Center, performs minor household repairs that senior citizens and disabled persons can neither do themselves nor get anyone else to do.

A Chore Handyperson volunteer goes on service calls one day a week from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm. Volunteers enjoy being part of a crew of two to four people who ride in specially equipped Chore vans. Each crew is assigned 4-5 service calls each weekday.

Last year, Chore volunteers visited over 2,000 homes and performed 4,000 repairs for grateful citizens. This year, the request for service is even greater, and additional volunteers will be needed to fill new and existing shifts.

Studies have shown that volunteers enjoy health benefits, from reduction of stress and lowering of blood pressure to improving self esteem and enhancing the immune system.

Volunteering with a Chore crew offers an opportunity to get out, meet new people, stay connected with the broader world and share handyman skills.

Prospective volunteers should be able to perform minor household repairs such as those that able-bodied homeowners must do. Ideally, volunteers will be available on a regular basis so Chore can schedule a regular day with the same crew. Volunteer van drivers/handypeople are especially needed.

It’s a great volunteer opportunity for retirees, or people who work second and third shift jobs. Back-up volunteer handymen and women are also welcome.

Call Debbie at (201) 489-9454, ext. 202 to find out how satisfying it can be to lend a hand to those in need. 

The Bergen Volunteer Center turns caring into meaningful action by engaging volunteers to meet community needs.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Meet The Matchmakers - Dale

Redefining Retirement, a new program at the Bergen Volunteer Center works with interested nonprofits to identify their volunteer needs and connect them with retired volunteers who have the specific skills needed. We are excited to introduce to you some of the programs volunteers! Redefining Retirement Matchmakers are trained volunteers who will make initial connections between the nonprofits and interested retirees.

Meet Dale!

Having just retired from a long career in Human Resources, I am looking forward to using my skills and experience in a different environment. I have worked in a variety of industries including Financial Services, Technology, Consulting and Market Research, both domestic and international. I chose the Matchmaker role at Redefining Retirement as it draws on my background in developing and implementing effective staffing and talent management programs. It is fulfilling to me to find the right person for each opportunity. I also volunteered for several years as a Career Coach assisting those re-entering the work force with resume writing and job interviewing skills. I enjoyed supporting and assisting those individuals and look forward to adding value to the Redefining Retirement program.

I am excited about working with nonprofit agencies in Bergen County and learning about what they offer to the community and what volunteer services they need. Making the right “match” is a win-win for everyone.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Ridgewood High School Teen LEADS leads the conversation ...Vaping

Do you find the thought of children inhaling chemicals too shocking to be true? Timothy Shoemaker, a substance – abuse prevention expert and the founder of a program called MPoweredParent as cited in the Suburbanite noted that, “If you have a child over 10 years old, this needs to be on your radar”. Shoemaker also noted that some New Jersey High schools report that up to 70% of their students are vaping. Vaping not only concerns parents, but as seen from the Public Policy presentation by the Teen LEADS of Ridgewood High School on May 21, 2018, vaping is a major concern to members of the student body.

The Teen LEADS research, findings and proposed policy solutions to decrease the incidences of vaping and bring global community awareness and education to this issue echoes some of the findings of Shoemaker. Let us prepare today for tomorrow’s success as we help our children protect themselves. View the video and read more here.