Thursday, November 30, 2017

Meet the Chore Volunteers - Jim!

Jim Bergen’s last occupation was as a freight elevator operator across the street from the Work Trade Center—he witnessed the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11.

Before that, he worked in the auto repair business and as an apartment building superintendent.  He enjoys crossword puzzles and will take a stab at fixing anything!  He was inspired to join Chore 3 years ago by his now disabled friend and former Chore volunteer Kevin, and he has been a member of the Wednesday, Chore Van #1 crew ever since.  

He tells the story of the 85 year old lady who pushed him out of the way so she could show him exactly what she wanted him to fix.  When the subject of age came up, she politely informed him that he was ‘no spring chicken himself’!  “Being a part of Chore means helping people who can’t help themselves.  I get more satisfaction out of doing what I do on Wednesdays for some needy person than if I were getting paid for it!”

Learn more about the Chore Program online here.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Meet the Chore Volunteers - Bruce!

Prior to joining Chore 3 years ago with the Wednesday, Chore Van #1 crew, Bruce Linke managed a team that was responsible for writing and maintaining raw material, in-process package materials, artwork and finished product specifications for a global consumer products company.  In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, motorcycling, home repair and kitchen remodeling. 

“When I retired, I wanted to donate some of my free time and skills to help others.  I’ve been in many residences and it is sometimes sad to see the condition of peoples’ environments.  Regardless, most people are appreciative of what we do and it’s a good feeling to know that you helped to make things a little better for them.”

Learn more about the Chore Program online here.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Meet the Chore Volunteers - Bill!

Bill Nugent was Director of Military Sales/Marketing, world -wide Military commissaries, exchanges and ships afloat before retiring and joining Chore in 2010, as part of the Friday, Chore Van #2 crew.  He also volunteers at his swim club and has been a mentor of veterans at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Yellow Ribbon Program.  He enjoys golf, spends time at his local health club and working on his yard. 

“Chore provides an opportunity to troubleshoot problems, learn some new things, enjoy camaraderie of fellow volunteers and clients and give back to society.”

Learn more about the Chore Program online here.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Meet the Chore Volunteers - George Ann!

George Ann Muller works for NBC as a lighting director part time.  She has been volunteering with Chore for the past 7 years, with the Tuesday, Chore Van #1 crew.  She is also involved with the Chance At Life Cat Rescue organization.  In her spare time she enjoys gardening and carpentry.

“Chore means that people can stay in their homes longer, and that is important.  Also, it is very difficult to get anyone to come out to do minor fixes—that’s where Chore comes in.  People need our help and I am happy to offer it.  As the only woman on the crews, I am often met with surprise, and also I am asked if I am married to one of the guys!"

Learn more about the Chore Program online here.