Wednesday, November 11, 2020

“I was at the weakest point in my life before Bergen Volunteers”


As a single mother of four, Tracy often felt alone and broken.
Tracy was admittedly at the weakest point in her life. It was not until she was introduced to Bergen Volunteers and met her mentor Rita that Tracy felt a true connection for the first time in years.

Tracy and Rita’s goals included helping Tracy become self-sufficient, earn her college degree, improve her parenting skills, and become a community leader.
Tracy is now a college graduate actively applying for her Master’s Degree and is an alumni of Bergen LEADS, a year-long civic leadership training program delivered by Bergen Volunteers.
Tracy considers Rita a part of her family. She noted that through Rita’s mentorship she has become a better mother and person.
Tracy is grateful that the Mentoring program provided her with a much needed and consistent support system. In the future Tracy would like to become a mentor and help other mothers who are struggling. 
Tracy believes, “All you need is one person to offer love and a helping hand to make a difference.” She is glad to have Rita as her helping hand.
There are thousands of mothers in Bergen County in the same predicament as was Tracy. We need your help to make an impact on their lives as well.

With a $100 donation to Bergen Volunteers you can help our mentoring team match other individuals with a caring mentor to offer support and guidance.

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