Friday, March 26, 2021

Sorting Through the Belongings of a Parent Who Has Passed On: Making-It-Home

For most of us, losing a parent is fraught with emotions– sadness, despair, fear, and more. Yet at the same time as you’re grieving the loss, you might be faced with the responsibility of deciding what to do with all the items that were cherished over a lifetime. It’s hard to imagine disrupting the perfect pictures in your mind – sitting on Dad’s lap squeezed into his favorite chair, gathering round that perfectly polished dining table for Sunday dinner, or leafing through favorite books and tattered photo albums during the holidays. 

Sorting through your parents’ belongings can be a daunting task, but perhaps made a bit easier if you narrow down the options and organize the work ahead. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Bergen LEADS: Class of 2022 - Applications are open!

Bergen Volunteers is accepting applications for the Bergen LEADS Class of 2022. 

Bergen LEADS is a 10-month community leadership program for adults who live or work in Bergen County. Interactive, fast paced and experiential, the program is delivered through a series of “Issue Days”, which include discussion with community leaders, site visits, leadership training, and small group interaction. Each class completes a capstone project which provides an opportunity to develop solutions to real issues in Bergen County. 

“A persistent question facing every sector is, ‘Where will the next generation of ethical and effective leaders come from?’ The answer - Bergen LEADS,” shared Debbie Emery, Program Manager. “Bergen LEADS helps students develop into leaders in their communities, ready to address complex issues and enact viable change.”

Under the guidance of former Bergen County Executive William Schuber, Bergen LEADS is now in its 15th year. Bergen LEADers meet with county leaders and visit public, private, and nonprofit agencies in Bergen County to learn about where they live and/or work. 

Bergen LEADS has gained a reputation as a “think tank” for challenges facing Bergen County. Each class focuses on a specific topic and in June of each year, the graduating class presents their findings and recommendations at a Public Forum. Past Bergen LEADS projects focused on: 

  • Food Insecurity in Bergen County
  • Media in Bergen County
  • Master Planning 101
  • Aging in Place
  • Revitalizing and Refocusing Bergen County Suburban Downtowns
  • Mental Health
  • The Future of Education
  • The Future of Local Government

“The new class of Bergen LEADERS will join our network of over 375 individuals.” stated Nina Bachrach, CEO of Bergen Volunteers. “Relationships generated from Bergen LEADS transcend beyond the program due to the active alumni group that coordinates events, outings, and networking opportunities. By joining this distinguished group of leaders, individuals gain knowledge and wisdom that will benefit them for years to come.”

Interested participants are encouraged to apply by April 10, 2021. 

To access the Bergen LEADS application, visit: and reach out to Debbie Emery at or (201) 489-9454 ext.202 with any questions.