Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Heidi lost her home, but she did not lose her spirit.


After serving two tours in the Navy Heidi was left struggling with back pain and an array of medical issues. Her medical bills drained her of her entire life savings, leaving her homeless.
Through the Bergen County Division of Veteran Services, a partner of Bergen Volunteers, Heidi secured a new apartment. Upon moving in, Heidi was connected with our Making-It-Home program to help furnish her home.  

We visited Heidi in her new apartment to learn more about her and what type of furniture she needed.
“A desk for my computer,” she exclaimed, “because I just love the Internet and want to go on Who knows, I may find myself a fella! And oh, a recliner would be terrific too. I have trouble walking and my back isn’t in very good shape, so that would help. Frankly, anything you might provide would be a blessing.”

Making-It-Home located a desk and recliner from a donor in the community and brought it to Heidi’s home.
Heidi said, “I never thought I'd be the one asking for or needing help at this stage of my life. But I feel so entirely grateful to realize it is out there. And to refreshingly find it is given so willingly and freely. Thank you again for doing what you do. You have made a huge positive difference in my life!
Thanks to donors like you, Making-It-Home can continue to provide furniture to our veterans and ensure they are well taken care of.

Your $100 donation will help veterans in our community have the furniture they need to make their house a home.

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