Monday, July 10, 2017

Meet the Chore Volunteers - Ruth!

Ruth Connolly has been helping out in the Chore office for the past 14 years, making reminder calls, mailing out thank you notes for donations, and many other administrative tasks.  Prior to joining Chore, she was an Executive Secretary at various corporate and non-profit organizations in the area.  In fact, she continues to work in a local construction company as their office manager when she is not at Chore.  

Other volunteer activities include visiting a nursing home patient weekly and shopping for him and clipping coupons which she sends monthly to active military personnel.  “Chore is a very worthwhile program that helps people have things done that they cannot do for themselves.  Volunteering with Chore gives me great personal satisfaction by helping others, while doing the kind of work with which I am comfortable.  It affords me a social atmosphere to work with people who treat me like family.  By the way, I am also a recipient of Chore services at my own home.”

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