Monday, July 31, 2017

Meet the Chore Volunteers - Harvey!

Harvey Rappaport  retired from CBS Broadcasting, where he worked for News, Sports and Entertainment divisions in his early career, and just prior to retiring, was VP Operations at CBS’s international division.  He found out about Chore from reading an article in his local newspaper.  He felt it would be a good match, as he considers himself handy and is always up for a challenge.  He also dog walks for START II, a small private animal shelter in Englewood.  In his spare time he enjoys traveling, going to the theater and caring for his 5 rescue cats.  

He and his crew members in the Tuesday Chore van #1 have completed many safety repairs such as grab bars, smoke detectors and hand railings to make the home safer, but they have also completed some repairs for seniors who are overwhelmed by technology, such as setting up a simple medical alert system.  “The elderly have a need to be kept safe as they stay in their homes.  They are susceptible to unscrupulous people, and we at Chore can be very helpful to them.  There’s nothing better than when we receive a big ‘Thank You and God Bless’ when we leave a home better than when we found it.” 

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