Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hearts of Bergen- Scott

Meet Scott,
Scott volunteers at about 16 different organizations. Some of the places he volunteers at are Center for Hope and Safety, Bergen Family Center, Bergen Volunteer Center and Center for Food Action. To him volunteering is about making someone else’s life better. He says that “you get as much back or more of what they you give” when you help others. Also, it was a great way for him to meet new friends.
Since High school he has been volunteering since his whole family was involved with charities and non profits. Scott’s mom and grandmother were a great example for him because they seemed to feel volunteering was worthy and they enjoy it. His favorite part about helping out was how good it made him feel.
20 different groups have honored Scott. He was Hometown hero by Bergen Health and Life magazine. Russberrie gave him an overall volunteering work award and a national recognition he has received was point of light.

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