Monday, June 13, 2016

Congratulations are in order for two of our own

by Cindy Andrake

Recently two inspiring women who are mentored as part of the Bergen Volunteer Center program, Mentoring Moms, accomplished something very special. One graduated college and another received a scholarship to support their future education!

Below are two inspiring stories of moms who want to share with you that you too can accomplish your dreams.

Monique has been matched with her mentor, Faith Samples-Smart, since 2001 and has worked hard as a single mom supporting her children while finishing her GED and, most recently, her Associates degree in Management from Berkeley College. Monique is the very definition of resilience; she keeps moving forward and upward no matter the challenge.  Pictured below is Monique with her son on the day of her graduation.  Well done and way to go Monique! We’re proud of you.

In May, Linda Kase’s mentee, Chiharu, received a scholarship from the ZONTA Club of Northern Valley. Chiharu, a single mom who is raising two teenage sons, is currently attending Bergen Community College with the hopes of finishing her degree at Ramapo. When Chiharu received notice she won the scholarship, she was allowed to bring one special guest with her to the acceptance dinner.  Who did she invite?  Her mentor, Linda Kase!  At the dinner, Chiharu gave an inspiring acceptance speech to the club members. Linda sent in the following picture from the dinner with the following note, “Thank you for introducing Chiharu and me, it is an ongoing success, enriching both our lives.”

To learn more about the Mentoring Moms program visit us online at or call Cindy Andrake at 201-489-9454.

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