Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finding Love while Volunteering

Valentine’s Day is always full of stories about people finding love while volunteering.  While the 80’s saw singles’ nights for everything, now-a-days the Internet drives the “match” market, and volunteering still a great way to meet people!  

Debbie Emery, director of Community Volunteer Services at the Volunteer Center, says “Singles may always be on the lookout, but if they are doing it with a cause in their heart, then that’s okay by me.” 

“Volunteering on an episodic basis is also increasingly popular,” she continues.  “People lead busy lives, so if they can volunteer short-term and meet others in the process, that’s two for two in my book.”    

The Volunteer Center can help you find opportunities to volunteer and maybe even do some match-making in the process. For information on episodic volunteering please visit or check out Jersey Cares for project-based volunteer opportunities.

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