Tuesday, February 24, 2009

25 Random Things About the Volunteer Center

1. The first issue of Ventures View was published in October 1987 and it was one page, one side.
2. The Volunteer Center of Bergen County used to be known as the Volunteer Bureau of Bergen County.
3. The average age of a Chore volunteer is 73 years.
4. 95 kids are helped by 85 volunteer mentors as a part of our Volunteers in Protective Service Program (VIPS).
5. The Business Volunteer Council has raised almost 1 million dollars in resources for low income families and children since 2000.
6. The Volunteer Center staff has collectively over 250 years of volunteer experience.
7. In 2009, 350 participants attended Volunteer Center trainings to improve their nonprofits.
8. The Volunteer Center recycles almost all of their copy paper to turn into scrap paper for message taking.
9. VC Staff eat approximately 400 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every year for lunch.
10. The Chore Service has been the focus of a national TV special about volunteerism on ABC-TV, featured in "This Old House" magazine and website.
11. 53 families are helped by our Mentoring MOMS Program.
12. There are nearly 1100 volunteer positions available, which actually proves that there is a volunteer job for everyone.
13. A good friend of the Volunteer Center and long time MC of our Celebrate Volunteers Recognition event is UPN My9 News anchor, Brenda Blackmon.
14. The Volunteer Center has over 190 people on their Facebook Cause page!
15. The Bergen Bike Tour, which raises money for the Volunteer Center and the Tomorrow’s Children Fund, has raised over 1 million dollars.
16. The Chore Program has installed over 25,000 grab bars since 1977 for disabled and homebound seniors in Bergen County.
17. Staff member, Susan Hogge is a certified Notary Public.
18. The Volunteer Center offers free trainings in a series called the Neighbor Academy.
19. The average age of an RSVP volunteer is 74.36.
20. The Volunteer Center received a donation of over 40 packages of Oreo cookies.
21. The Volunteer Center has been in Bergen County more than 40 years.
22. Every summer the Volunteer Center takes part in a program called Camp Lots of Fun, a camp for children who are homeless.
23. The Volunteer Center sends out more than 40,000 pieces of mail every year.
24. In 2008, The All Wrapped Up Holiday Giving Program provided gifts for 902 families and 831 individuals.
25. We hope making this list taught you things you never knew about the Volunteer Center.

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