Wednesday, August 1, 2018


MEET: JoAnn Jung
 “I can't believe it's already been more than two years since I worked under you (at the Bergen Volunteer Center). I am pursuing a major in International Relations with minor in Education studies, which is far different than when I was intending to major in Business when working with you. But actually, a lot of the managing experience from Bergen Volunteer Center serves me well!
I have been devoting a lot of my time to learn about education during my time at Wellesley.  Education Redesign Lab at the Harvard Graduate School of Education graciously gave me the opportunity to research ways to mitigate the effects of poverty throughout the academic year, and this summer, I am at the U.S. Department of Education, office of International and Foreign Language Education, helping the program directors allocate grants to applicants who are seeking to do training, curriculum development, or research overseas.  One of the most eye opening events I attended was a meeting with the grantees of the program I am working with. I've attached pictures of me at the Polish embassy with professors who have received the grants, and will be abroad in the next week. To see some of the work actually come into fruition is absolutely inspiring and heartening, and it has been an amazing experience.
Debbie, I miss your fun spirit and energy in the office, and I realize how awesome it is to work with personalities like yours especially as I meet new co-workers in my office“.

JoAnn who was an office intern at the Bergen Volunteer Center graduated from River Dell Regional HS in June 2016. JoAnn, your comments underscore the findings about the benefits for students who volunteer (
  • Teaches you social and networking skills.
  • Lets you see how others experience the world and open your eyes to something new.

JoAnn, we at the Volunteer Center wish you continued academic growth and success. We are thrilled but not surprised that your experience at BVC helped prepare you for some of your current experiences. KEEP SOARING HIGH!!

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