Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Good Morning and Happy Monday! Just a quick note to say Thank You!

I am a single mother to Alexis, and we were referred to the Bergen Volunteer Center’s Mentoring Youth program over a year ago when Alexis was 13 years old. At that time, I was at the end of my rope with her! Alexis was not headed in a positive direction! Even with my extended family helping, I had exhausted all of my resources and I was truly worried for Alexis’ future.
I am so happy to share that since she was introduced to her mentor, Elena, here we are one year later and we have so many more Ups than Downs! There has been such a beautiful turn around in my daughter’s life--her mentor is simply wonderful.
Alexis is now an extended part of Elena’s family, and it gives me great comfort to know that there is another reliable, dedicated and caring adult that she can safely go to and confide in. I don’t know where we would be at this time without Elena and the Bergen Volunteer Center. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I am grateful to the Bergen Volunteer Center for allowing me and my daughter to have the PERFECT match with Elena.

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