Wednesday, June 14, 2017


JOHN AMAYA                       
It was the summer of 2016 and I was looking for a place to do my internship. My best friend Gerardo, told me about a place where he volunteers called Bergen Volunteer Center. Gerardo put me in contact with Debbie Emery, one of the sweetest people I have ever met.

I was brought in to work in the front office, which to be truthful, I wasn't sure I wanted to do. It wasn't because I didn’t want to do it, but more so I was self-conscious about my stuttering. The thought of answering the phones and talking to people so concerned me that I almost quit. But luckily I was able to work with such wonderful people as Beanne, Debbie, Eva, Francine and Yami just to name a few. They never seemed to be bothered by my stuttering and were always more than willing to lend me a hand when I was confused about something.

Working at BVC showed me what can be done in a community when the right people are in charge of the resources. Without the help of the BVC, Bergen County wouldn't be the wonderful place it is for the residents who live here. Out of all the many wonderful services BVC provides, my favorite experience was going with Debbie to places like Bergen Community College to help recruit volunteers.

Overall I must say that my time at BVC is one that I will cherish. It inspired me to help out my community more often. I was taught a wonderful lesson at BVC, giving back to the community can be the most satisfying feeling a person can have in life.

Next year, I will be a freshman at New Jersey Institute of Technology majoring in computer engineering.

My name is Alejandra Achury, I'm a high school senior from River Dell Regional High School. I recently spent 5 months volunteering at the Bergen Volunteer Center, which was a very rewarding experience.

The reason I chose BVC was because I want to pursue a career in the non-profit industry. My dream is to do something where I can improve or change the lives of those who need it through a non-profit organization or an international human rights organization. Bergen Volunteer Center seemed to be the perfect fit.

During my internship I helped organize events such as Celebrate Volunteers and Family Volunteer Day. I also answered calls, verified information online and improved the profile of the agencies on the website. But most important, I learned a lot about how essential communication and marketing is to an organization trying to reach and help the community.

This internship allowed me to get out of my comfort zone. I did my best every time I went to the Bergen Volunteer Center and I am grateful to all the people there who taught me so many things.

Next year, I'll be a freshman at Baruch College studying economics.

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