Friday, March 31, 2017

Place Matters

Place Matters--and Bergen County is a great place for low-income kids. A new ground-breaking study takes a look at the impact of where kids grow up on their adult earnings. Bergen County ranks 3rd in the nation and 1st in New Jersey as a place where low-income kids are able to better their lives. "Every year a poor child lives in Bergen County adds $180 to his or her annual income at age 26." They will be less likely to be a single parent and more likely to attend college.

So what does Bergen County have that other places don't? According to the
NY Times, the difference is elementary schools with higher test scores, a higher percentage of two-parent families, high levels of civic engagement and better socio-economic and racial integration.

We've always known that Bergen County was a great place for kids, but isn't it great to know that it is a land of opportunity as well? This study makes me even prouder to be at The Volunteer Center of Bergen County--the center of Civic Engagement and Leadership with programs like
Bergen LEADS and Ready Set Serve. As importantly, despite these statistics, we know that growing up poor in Bergen County isn't easy. So we have Bergen Mentors to provide caring, well-trained and well-supported Mentors to kids at risk and to moms, whose kids are at risk.

Place Matters--Bergen County is a national leader in providing lifelong opportunity--and The Volunteer Center of Bergen County is making it better every day!

Lynne H. Algrant

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