Friday, August 19, 2016

Showtime for Mentoring Youth

Recently mentees from our Mentoring Youth program had the chance to see Les Miserables through an amazing arts program at the bergenPAC called Arts Access.

The Arts Access Program is an initiative developed by bergenPAC to further its mission of making the live performing arts accessible to all. bergenPAC is providing free tickets to organizations who serve individuals who would otherwise be unable to experience the live performing arts in an effort to enhance the quality of life of the residents in our diverse community.

Mentor, Christine, took her mentee, Destiny, to see her first show a few weekends ago.

“The show was great! I was really impressed by the cast, staging and orchestra. The production value was excellent. My mentee enjoyed it as well. This was her first show EVER, and she seemed to have really liked it,” said Christine.

Without programs like Arts Access children in our Mentoring Youth program would not have had exposure to a basic life experience many of us take for granted every day.

Thank you bergenPAC!

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