Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Our CEO featured on WMBC's Hometown!

Our own Lynne Algrant, CEO of Bergen Volunteer Center, explains the history and purpose of the organization to Melissa Estock as part of WMBC's "Hometown" show. This feature episode allowed Lynne to touch on the highly trained and committed volunteers that help run the county, our upcoming 50th anniversary, as well as key activities such as the CHORE service, mentoring high-risk youths and the LEADS civic leadership program.
In particular, Lynne focused on the Volunteer Center's crucial role in coordinating volunteer efforts for hurricane relief, not only during the 72-hour period immediately following the hurricane, but also during the months of recovery and rebuilding.

Most importantly, Lynne stressed the opportunity for new volunteers to use an existing skill or develop a new one to help others. "We are meeting unmet and hidden needs," she explained," by getting neighbors and friends involved."

If you'd like to watch WMBC's "Hometown" episode from October 24th featuring Lynne Algrant and the Bergen Volunteer Center, click here or view below!


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