Thursday, October 31, 2013

Spotlight on Jake Salles, candidate for Eagle Scout Award

Jake Salles, a sophomore at Emerson High School, is a wonderful student and a life-long Boy Scout.  He also knows the importance of service to the community.  From a young age, Jake has always “given back” and knows the rewarding sense of accomplishment you can get - even from just being kind to others.
“I recently completed my Eagle Scout Project," says Jake.  "I installed a sensory garden for people with developmental disabilities at the Eastern Christian Children’s Retreat (ECCR)  in Wyckoff.  The garden consists of 6 foot chimes, touch panels, hand held sensory toys, and plants including lambs ear, mint, lavender and thyme with their calming aromas and smells.  The garden is an interactive place that the residents of the ECCR can play with and express themselves. Their senses of sight, smell, sound, and touch will all be stimulated. 
“I have been volunteering with the residents at ECCR for 4 years.  I chose this project because if knew it was something that would be beneficial to them.  To see them smile and laugh while using the sensory garden has been a great reward.
Congratulations on designing a great Eagle Scout project, and good luck on that award, Jake!

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What an amazing job!