Monday, December 17, 2012

Giving good makes good things happen.

Good things happen every day because of the Volunteer Center...

A woman who is elderly, low-income and lives alone is going through chemotherapy.  The Chore Service volunteers installed a grab bar in her bathroom and made other repairs so she can live safely in her home.  She calls them her "angels".
A young woman who escaped an abusive relationship is raising three teenagers on her own, on very limited income.  With the support of her Mentoring Moms mentor, she was able to get a scholarship to attend college with a major in Finance, and is due to graduate this year.
A young boy with severe learning disabilities is cared for by his elderly grandmother because his parents are not able to be in his life.  Thanks to 7 years of love and guidance from his Mentoring Youth mentor, the boy is able to succeed in school and is now attending a technical high school to learn a trade so he can live independently as an adult. 

This holiday season you, too, can make good things happen.  Support the Volunteer Center of Bergen County with a general donation, a donation to a specific program, or by giving the "gift of good" - a donation in honor of someone special.    

Click here to donate now.
Do Good.  Feel Good.  Give Good. 

 Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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