Friday, August 19, 2011

NEW! Volunteer Opportunties

The Volunteer Center’s Chore Service is looking for volunteers. Each Chore volunteer is scheduled one day a week as part of a crew, and each crew is assigned 4-5 service calls per day. Chore volunteers should be able to perform minor household repairs such as those that most homeowners do and should be available on a regular basis so they can be scheduled with a regular crew. Call Maureen McCormick at 201-489-7790 for further information.

Community Blood Services, Allendale, is looking for a volunteer who has a Ph.D. or M.S. with lab/research experience. Stem cell experience preferred. This ongoing project involves working with a blood donor database; project is managed by Roger Mrowiec, Ph.D, Director of our Stem Cell Division, and Dennis Todd, Ph.D., President and CEO. Interested parties should contact Volunteer Director at 201-389-0459.

Heightened Independence in Progress (HIP), Hackensack, Project Downtown Access needs volunteers to survey businesses along Main Street to identify problems of access. HIP will then reach out to these businesses providing information about barrier removal so their facilities can be accessible to all customers. Volunteers can work alone or partner with another volunteer, and can survey as little or as much as they wish. Call Nancy Hodgins at Bergen HIP, 201-996-9100, x26 or email her,

The Volunteer Center occasionally needs the assistance of volunteers to help with mailings. If you’d like to be called when we need help, please email Thank you!

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