Friday, March 11, 2011

Bergen LEADS - Applications due April 8!

Top Ten Reasons to Join Bergen LEADS
# 6 – “Your mind and your heart will be stretched and challenged as you consider things you never thought of before, and look at things in a new way.”
-Jane He, CL10
 #5 – “The potential to see Bergen County as it truly is - a county with a population equal to many states, both in size and diversity.  Also, networking, networking, networking.” 

-Dave Dubin, CL09

The next Open House is Monday, March 21 at the Volunteer Center, click here for a complete schedule and to register for an Open House.

Bergen LEADS will:
•           introduce you to County leaders and decision makers
•           illuminate and strengthen your leadership style
•           bring Bergen County to life through exciting field trips and site visits
•           challenge your assumptions about Bergen County and its people
•           expose you to widely divergent views of Bergen County issues
•           expand your personal and professional network

Learn more about Bergen LEADS or fill out your application online here.

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