Friday, October 22, 2010

How One Mentor Matters

Our Mentoring Moms program matches trained and caring adult women with overwhelmed mothers who need guidance in facing life’s challenges.

A mentor recently sent in the following note regarding the woman (and family) that she is mentoring:

When you get a family like J and her 5 children, you watch them work hard and try to stay positive yet struggle with their past and today's pressures. Then you realize the reward, for all of us, is being able to see them slowly but surely climb out of their abyss, knowing that you helped give them the strength and confidence to do it.

(Mentoring Moms) offers them hope and gives them a strong support system. Their lives are changed forever because they know someone cares and believes in them…Looking forward to a long and successful partnership.

Sincerely, Kathy H (mentor)

For more information about Mentoring Moms or our other Mentoring Programs please visit our Mentoring Page.

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