Monday, August 23, 2010

Brighten Your Day!

We just got wind of a great group project! Bight Side Manor, in Teaneck, is looking for groups to sponsor, plan and volunteer at weekly socials for their low income senior residents.

Each Friday afternoon the residents participate in a themed social event. P events have been “Ice Cream Social”, “Wine and Cheese”, and “Sock Hop”. Groups from companies, civic groups, scout troops, schools have an wonderful opportunity to be really creative and give back to an often overlooked population.

For more information, please call Joanne O’Neill at Bright Side Manor, 201-692-1000 or call Melissa Leibe at the
Volunteer Center, 201-489-9454.

1 comment:

TruJrzy said...

I've worked in assisted living over a year now, I would be an excellent fit for this role !!!