Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mentors Make a World of Difference

Today, January 21, is Thank Your Mentor Day. We took a few minutes to ask our Mentoring Moms program particpants how their mentors have helped them. Here is what they said.

“When asked, “What do you like about having a mentor?” the responses included:”

“I have someone to talk to who has had some of the same things to deal with as me and to bounce ideas off of.”

“She is like my older sister. She is always there in difficult times.”

“Jackie is a god send. She listens & gives her opinion. Jackie is like family, she is always there for me when I’m in need.”

“It’s like making a new friend who wants nothing in return.”

“She’s someone I can call to talk to and if I need anything she’s there to help me.”

“Everything. She is my best friend.”

“I can talk to her about anything and express myself. It has been worthwhile because she helped me accomplish my goals.”

“When asked, “Do you feel your mentor makes a difference in your life?” the responses included:”

“Yes, she lifts my spirits up in a positive manner.”

“She is the only person I know who is always there for me, and would do anything for me.”

“My mentor helps look at another perspective of my problems and helps me to decide what to do in life.”

“Yes, she helps me to focus better and to feel better about myself.”

“She is caring giving, makes me smile. My kids love her.”

“Yes! She has helped me in so many ways and she gives me the best advice.”

“She always encourages me to keep going to school.”

“She has helped me through a lot of stuff.”

“She has helped me with my resume and I am trying to better myself with a new job.”

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