Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So...what's an “episodic volunteer”?

An “episodic volunteer” is an individual who does one-time or short-term volunteer jobs. These volunteers are generally busy people with hectic schedules -- jobs, family or social commitments --that make them prefer flexible volunteer opportunities.

Types of Episodic Volunteering:
* One-day special events or service projects, such as "walk-a-thons", service days or park cleanups
* Projects that recruit volunteers as needed throughout the year, such as helping with projects at a group home or Vets hospital or children's agency
* On-going activities that don't require specialized skills and welcome volunteers on a flexible, drop in basis such as Habitat for Humanity

Volunteer Ventures, which is sponsored by the Volunteer Center of Bergen County, help busy adults participate in episodic volunteer activities. Take a look at our monthly newsletter and calendar of projects. Come to a bi-monthly meeting where you'll meet other Volunteer Ventures participants and find out what's going on.

Sign up and catch the volunteer fever! You'll be glad you did!

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