Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chore Van Needed

The Volunteer Center of Bergen County's Chore Service helps senior citizens (age 60 and over) and disabled homeowners of all ages remain safe and secure in their homes by performing minor household repairs that they can neither do themselves nor get anyone else to do. Services are provided by Chore’s crew of 21 volunteer handypersons working as crews with paid drivers. There is no charge for Chore’s services, but clients are expected to pay for the parts necessary to complete the repair.

In 2007 alone, Chore made more than 3,700 home repairs for the elderly and/or disabled throughout Bergen County. Currently, Chore crews utilize two older cargo vans to get to and from each repair job and to transport supplies. There is usually a 3-week wait time for a visit from Chore. The vans are often in need of repair, so unfortunately the wait time is sometimes even longer. In order for Chore to help more elderly and disabled people, we desperately need two new vans plus an additional van. A new van with all the customizations and supplies necessary for Chore costs approximately $40,000. If you know of an individual or company that would like to sponsor a Chore van, please call us at 201-489-9454, ext. 126.

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