Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hearts of Bergen- Ashley

Meet Ashley,
Ashley started her gold award (the highest achievement for a girl scout) in 2015. She began working with the Bergen Volunteer Center and the Bergen County Bureau of Veterans Affairs on a project to serve the homeless and low-income veterans in Bergen County. Working with Debbie Emery Director of Community Engagement, she set up the event called The Veterans Resource Fair, which took place on April 20, 2016. Ashley, with the help of corporate and community volunteers, distributed toiletries and clothing items donated by individuals and companies from our area. Ashley said that looking back, she did not think the veterans would have such a profound impact on her. For her, it was a life changing experience to connect and talk to these veterans. Ahsley said, “The best thing was the joy on their faces after receiving what they needed. Each and every veteran I talked to had a different perspective and outlook on life. Each of their stories was incredible and important to hear.”

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