Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Expert Exchange Series - Will You Wait A Moment?

Wednesday, August 17 
1:00 - 2:00 PM 

Bergen Volunteer Center is offering a variety of free live webinars on various topics. These one-hour online sessions are for anyone who wants to continually learn or get more information on a topic. While they are FREE, you do need to register to participate. Click here to register.

August's panel is about learning how the practice of Mindfulness can create space to transform from an over-reactive frame of mind to one of non judgement and peaceful awareness. In today's fast-paced, technology laden world, learning how to take a moment, offers boundless rewards. Experience how simple techniques can become a daily practice to open the mind to imagination, awareness, compassion and transparency that will ultimately benefit you, your organization, customers, shareholders and community. Come join 2WallStreetChicks in this interactive webinar that will lead you to more joy and balance in your life.

At the end of the webinar participants will know: 
  • What is Mindfulness and why it's critical in today's constantly changing world. 
  • Why Mindfulness will make you a better leader and person, and some practical strategies to have in your leadership toolkit. 
  • How Mindfulness strengthens your ability to be Resilient.
 All sessions will be recorded and can be accessed at To view our previous Expert Exchange webinars click here.

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