Friday, April 23, 2021

Exploring Group-Leadership Development at the Local Level

Leadership is a social process that involves influencing others. The systematic development of leaders is fundamental for personal and professional success. 

Oftentimes individualized leadership programs teach participants how to work towards abstract goals. Individual classes provide technical training and seldom offer participants transferable skills to apply in their everyday lives. Group leadership programs go beyond these parameters, teaching individuals how to navigate cross-cultural relationships and build a community ready to take on any new endeavor. Combining group-leadership training with local level issues teaches individuals how they can hone new skills across a variety of personal and professional landscapes. 

Learn the top five reasons why YOU should enroll in a group-leadership course:

1. Grow Your Network and Engage Within Your Community

Meet individuals from a variety of professional, ethnic, and personal backgrounds. While working towards your leadership goals you will expand your network to collaborate with individuals from the public, government, private, and non-profit sectors. These relationships will allow you to gain a cross-sector perspective and foster the necessary skills needed to communicate to a wider demographic.

2. Become an Effective Communicator and Problem-Solver

Leadership training can help individual leaders develop their own personal leadership style that their team members will best respond to. Individuals learn how to become active listeners equipped with problem-solving skills. 

3. Discover Your Passions

Become excited about your work and gain the necessary skills to set yourself apart from the rest. Most successful leaders don't have a job – they have a passion. Passion eventually leads to mastery and success. 

4. Explore Opportunities and Challenges In Your Community

Local-level leadership courses allow participants to uncover County demographics, civic involvement, history, immigration, home rule, uneven socio-economic base, and more. 

5. Develop New or Hidden Skills

One of the best ways to become an effective leader is to identify your strengths and weaknesses. By working in a group setting, individuals are able to learn from their peers and improve their personal skills. 

Are you ready to LEAD?

Bergen Volunteers’ Bergen LEADS program is an exciting, 10-month learning and leadership adventure for adults who live or work in Bergen County. Created by a group of community advocates, participants learn about issues from leaders in the field, site visits and assigned readings. Interactive, fast-paced and experiential, Bergen LEADS will help you see your community – and yourself – through new eyes. 

There is currently no other program in Bergen County that allows individuals the opportunity to grow personally and professionally - all while exploring their own community concerns and passions. Participating in the Bergen LEADS program will boost your confidence and knowledge, empowering you to succeed and stand out.

Each Bergen LEADS day is defined by an issue.  Issue days range from healthcare to education, law and public safety to local to county government, and the environment -  there is always something new to learn. The curriculum increases one’s civic identity, engagement levels, and fosters a collaborative environment. 

Bergen LEADS participants work on a capstone project each year. This project provides students the opportunity to understand and develop solutions to real issues in the community. Projects are presented at a Public Forum and offered to local leaders to implement in real-time. With the opportunity to learn and explore new fields, Bergen LEADS will equip you with the necessary skills and insight to take on and lead projects of any size.

Participating in the Bergen LEADS program leaves participants with lifetime access to the Bergen LEADS Alumni Network, who are active and engaged within the community and each other.

Leadership is an action, not a position. True leaders are cultivated in a group setting where individuals learn how to inspire and be inspired by others with a shared vision for success. Group leadership courses offer participants the capacity to see real change in motion and the steps taken to arrive at real-world solutions. Leaders communicate their goals and set best practices for others to follow. 

Join Bergen County’s premier leadership program and enhance the skills needed to become an effective communicator, team-player, and LEADER!

Applications for Bergen LEADS are currently available until May 14th! 

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