Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Make an Impact - Complete the Census

During this difficult time, many people are looking for ways to help. Perhaps one of these easiest ways to impact our community right now is to complete the 2020 census. A few minutes of your time will ensure that our community receives proper funding from the federal government, that we are represented properly at every level of government, and that research on our community is accurate for the next decade.

Every 10 years, as mandated by the U.S. Constitution (Article 1, Section 2), the U.S. Census Bureau literally counts everyone who lives in the United States and its territories. It is a snapshot in time. Responding is in your and our community’s best interest.

The census is 10 questions long and should take just a few minutes to complete. All information is confidential and protected by federal law. Answers can be used only to produce statistics. Identifiable information cannot be shared with other agencies, even law enforcement.

It has never been easier to respond, whether online at 2020Census.Gov, over the phone at 844-330-2020, or by mail – all without having to meet a census taker.

The census is important for many reasons. First, an accurate census count is crucial to ensure that you are represented in local, state, and federal government. The count determines each state’s number of seats in the House of Representatives and votes in the Electoral College and exactly where people live in the state influences congressional districts, state legislative districts, and even city council districts.

Second, an accurate census count ensures that our community receives its share of $860 billion distributed by the federal government for a host of programs, including Medicaid, Medicare, highway funding, Pell Grants, school lunches and other food assistance, and aid to low-income families. Your response to the census helps to ensure that your community receives the public services it needs.

Finally, census data provides for all kinds of critical social research to better understand and assist certain populations across the country.

So complete your 2020 census today. The next 10 years depends on it.

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