Tuesday, March 5, 2019


Bergen County Summer Campership Fund

In 1994, recognizing the need of lower-income families to ensure their children were in a safe, healthy, fun environment in the summer, a few volunteers led by Kay Gellert, with a major boost from the County of Bergen, and the Bergen Volunteer Center, established the Summer Campership Fund. Since 1996 the Summer Campership Fund has been supported by the generosity of individual and corporate donors thus making it possible to continue this invaluable program.

The Bergen County Summer Campership Fund
is a scholarship program that sends children from lower-income working families to local day camps. Contributions to the fund provide children with life-shaping experiences in a safe and healthy environment. Hundreds of working families in Bergen County are unable to afford summer day camp for their school-age children. As a result, many of these children spend their summer home alone while others are exploring and growing in a productive, healthy, memorable way. Not only does 
The Summer Campership Fund (SCF)  provide day camp scholarships to children (ages 3-12) but, at times, provide other support to said families in emergency and/or crisis situation(s

To apply for a scholarship, log on to www.bergencampershipfund.org.

The summer camp experience can give a child an advantage in school and in life. Research shows that camp does the following:

· Helps children build a unique interest

· Allows for the development of new skills

· Leads to a new type of friendship building

· Allows for confidence to be reinforced by success

· Helps with mental stimulation and physical activity

In 2018 the Summer Campership Fund helped 40 children have a terrific summer by providing $55,361 in scholarships. To help send a child to camp, send Tax Deductible Contributions payable to Bergen Volunteer Center – Campership Fund, 64 Passaic Street, Hackensack 07601. Give a child a safe and meaningful summer and be assured that every dollar raised goes directly to pay camp cost. Thank you for turning caring into meaningful action.

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