Friday, June 8, 2018

Announcing the CHEER program at Bergen Volunteer Center

The Bergen Volunteer Center is proud to announce CHEER as its newest program. CHEER was previously one of the services offered by Visiting Homemaker Home Health Aide Service of Bergen County. CHEER is funded in part by a grant from the Bergen County Department of Human Services. It also receives funding from corporations, private foundations, and individual donors.

CHEER provides a helping hand to isolated and frail seniors of Bergen County, thus allowing them to retain their independence. Trained CHEER aides and volunteers conduct weekly visits to assist with shopping, errands, laundry, and light housekeeping. Aids and volunteers often develop lasting relationships with these seniors as they offer companionship and, whenever possible, create opportunities for them to be engaged in their communities. This type of minimal service is sometimes all that is needed to enable an elderly person to continue to remain safely in the comfort of their home.

To be eligible for the CHEER program, the senior must:
           reside in Bergen County
           be at least 60 years old
           have no other able bodied person living with them.

CHEER is a life saver to all we serve and thus far CHEER under the auspices of Bergen Volunteer Center is helping approximately 90 seniors per week.

“The addition of CHEER to our other services, Chore Service and Redefining Retirement makes the Bergen Volunteer Center an essential part of Successful Aging in Bergen County. We are thrilled to welcome CHEER and endeavors to help these volunteers turn their caring into meaningful action for our senior citizen neighbors and friends,” remarked Lynne Algrant, Bergen Volunteer Center CEO.

To participate in the program and/or to volunteer, contact Michele Ogden at 201.489.9454 x203 or 

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