Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Meet the Matchmakers - Karen!

Redefining Retirement, a new program at the Bergen Volunteer Center, works with interested nonprofits to identify their volunteer needs and connect them with retired volunteers who have the specific skills needed. We are excited to introduce to you some of the programs volunteers! Redefining Retirement Matchmakers are trained volunteers who will make initial connections between the nonprofits and interested retirees.

Meet Karen!

It has been very satisfying to be a Matchmaker in the Redefining Retirement program of the Bergen Volunteer Center. In my past role as a nursing home administrator in a not for profit facility, I learned to value the role and contributions of volunteers to enhance services for our residents. As a Matchmaker, I am also able to use my skills as a licensed clinical social worker to work with prospective volunteers and get a good understanding of what volunteer projects will meet their interests and use their skills. I am always excited and pleased whenever we have made a successful match.

To learn more about Redefining Retirement please visit our website. Or visit the Matchmakers at here office hours, schedule below.

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