Monday, October 2, 2017

Meet the Chore Volunteers - Mike, Dennis, & Andy!

According to a 2014 Bergen County Health Assessment, 1 in 3 households has at least one adult over the age of 65. Some of these people move into nursing homes or managed care facilities, as mobility and overall health begin to decline,  but as people are living longer and healthier lives, they’re opting to stay in their homes longer,--a process referred to as Aging in Place.  A survey by AARP found that 90 percent of seniors want to remain in their own homes.  By providing minor enhancements like grab bars or interior railings, Chore helps residents continue to live in their beloved homes safely.

Mike Conlon, Dennis Beezley, and Andy McDonough are the Friday, Chore Van #3 crew

Mr. M writes:  “Once more you have come to my rescue.  Thanks to the grab bars you installed, I am now able to visit parts of my home that I have not seen in over 5 years!  Many thanks to the crew for making this possible.”

Support Chore and the many other programs at the Bergen Volunteer Center at our Annual Hearts of Gold Gala on Thursday, November 9 at the Stony Hill Inn. Visit to learn more.

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