Monday, November 23, 2015

Holiday Concert

The volunteer Center rents space in Hackensack from the First Presbyterian Church.  They are having a winter concert and asked us to share the information with you.

"With such an overload of information coming in from our social media outlets I must say it is increasingly difficult to try and consider ways to grab your attendance for support in my musical endeavors.

A concert you will not want to miss! 
Under my direction, Maestro Rasaan Hakiem Bourke, the FPC Chancel Choir  will present their 2nd annual mid-season concert. Gregory Stout will be the organist/pianist for this concert.

While surrounded by ‪nature,‬ it's rich ‪autumn/fall landscapes inspired the tapestry of music being performed on December 13th. With a program entitled; ‪Hope,‬ ‪‎Peace,‬ ‪Joy, and‬ ‪Love‬ Came down from Heaven, where else could one seek ‪‎inspiration‬ but within creation herself!!! Sure on this Shining Night by Morten Lauridsen, Christmas Day by Gustav Holst, E’en So Lord Quickly Come by Paul Manz, in addition to newly arranged Carols. 
Looking forward to seeing you in Hackesnack!"


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