Thursday, June 11, 2015

Volunteer Center CEO's Letter to the Editor about Teen LEADS appeared in The Record


Today's Teens Are Tomorrow's Leaders

Regarding "Getting a different view from Tenafly teenagers" (Page L-6, June 6):
Ridgewood Teen LEADS with Lynne Algrant, CEO of Volunteer Center of Bergen County, Paul Aronsohn, Ridgewood Mayor and Albert Pucciarelli, Ridgewood Deputy Mayor
"Once I am of age, I will never miss the opportunity to vote at every local election. It is a privilege that should not be missed."
These are the words of Ridgewood High student Isabelle Stern, who participated in Teen LEADS, a civic leadership program for teens.
The article refers to this program, which was developed by the Volunteer Center of Bergen County and is based on our highly regarded leadership program for adults, Bergen LEADS.
Teen LEADS is presented through schools as an extracurricular activity or in conjunction with an elective course, and it is currently offered at Ridgewood and Tenafly high schools. Teens are given the opportunity to explore, in-depth and experientially, the inner workings of local public policy while also discovering and developing their own leadership styles.
In Ridgewood, Teen LEADS participants delved deep into issues of health care, municipal government, education and environmental issues, compiling and analyzing data, meeting with local leaders and policy makers and working together tnot only to identify problems, but to provide real solutions.
Teen LEADS empowers our youth to be the informed, inspired leaders we will need and depend on to be stewards of our future. As a community, we should be proud of — and pay attention to — our youth, who have the interest, ability and fresh perspective to make public policy happen.
Lynne H. Algrant, CEO, Volunteer Center of Bergen County

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