Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Community Service Was Never So Fun

17 High School Students came together during the week of June 23 - 27 to participate in the Volunteer Center’s brand new teen leadership experience, Ready, Set, Serve.
Their five day experience provided each teen a glimpse into his or her personal leadership style and strengths, as well as the opportunity to be part of a team and work together for a common good. 

Ready Set Serve (RSS) is a unique training program designed to help prepare the next generation for leadership roles in their communities.  Through a state-of-the-art curriculum that includes both classroom instruction and experiential training, RSS teaches middle- and high-school-age youth a broad array of leadership skills applicable to community service.  The ultimate purpose of RSS is to help create stronger communities - and a stronger nation - by igniting in young people the ability and the desire to make meaningful, lifelong contributions to their communities. 

Kayla, 10th grader at Hackensack high School, shares her perspective, “I have participated in many leadership programs through my school, church and camp but this experience with the Volunteer Center of Bergen County has been one of a kind.”

What’s so unique about Ready, Set, Serve is that it is not just a 5-day program.  The teens are now beginning to embark upon service projects designed during the program which they will work on throughout the upcoming school year. 

Watch to see what happens in August when Middle Schoolers put their talents and enthusiasm to the test during the next RSS session!
Click here to link to Ready, Set, Serve.

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