Wednesday, August 21, 2013

KPMG Battles Hurricane Sandy ... and Wins!

By Kristin Smith
Hurricane Sandy unfortunately is still affecting many residents in Bergen County. Because of the huge aftermath of the storm, there are still volunteer opportunities surrounding the event. KPMG, a member of the Northern New Jersey Business Volunteer Council, took advantage of this to help fellow neighbors. 
Due to the hurricane, Little Ferry Washington School’s gym flooded with 4-5 feet of water. The school was in dire need of a few new coats of paint before school started again. At first, there was an expectation of about 12-15 KPMG employees that would help with this great cause. Yet, 75 replied!
It was a tremendous success for both KMPG, the BVC, and of course the Little Ferry Washington School. They accomplished so much in only a four day span. 55 employees painted the gym walls (100’ by 70’), 8 classrooms including 4 closets, 1 classroom bathroom, and a large corridor bathroom. KPMG’s team was extremely productive, to say the least.
Thank you KPMG for all your help and thanks to Parasido of Moonachie for some delicious food to keep the employees energized!

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