Friday, June 28, 2013

Welcome Jack Daniels Motors!

The Northern New Jersey Business Volunteer Council (BVC) is delighted to announce Jack Daniels Motors as a new member! Welcome!

The BVC is a program of the Volunteer Center that helps community minded companies do good while doing well. The BVC counts 30 plus member companies which represent every sector of the economy and range in size from small, local businesses to major international corporations. Despite their differences, members agree that being a good neighbor and good corporate citizen impacts our community – and their bottom line.
The BVC mobilizes more than 30,000 employee volunteers every year, with a specific focus on impacting the lives of low-income children and families.
BVC activity revolves around four annual strategic initiatives designed to address literacy, emotional well-being, hunger and education. Through these initiatives, the BVC has generated more than $1.4 million in resources in 12 years.
For more information on the BVC please contact Ellen Lutvak, BVC Coordinator, at the Volunteer Center.

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