Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hooray for Great Mentors

Our Mentoring Youth program recently honored several long-standing volunteers:

Ruth Schneider (left), of Ramsey, has mentored seven children during her 19 years with the program. At age 83, one would think Ruth is ready to throw in the towel and relax a bit. Instead, she’s patiently waiting to be matched with yet another child to whom she can provide friendship and support.

Ralph Rypkema, of Lodi, has the distinction of having been a mentor for 28 years, and has helped ten boys see and take steps to achieve a brighter future. Ralph believes that success in school helps establish a foundation that can change young lives.

Solange Griffith-Ruff of Teaneck has been a mentor for 15 years and has mentored three different children. “All three of these outstanding mentors bring tremendous patience and understanding to their role as mentor,” says Faith Samples-Smart, Mentoring Youth program director. “Each continues to make a difference in the lives of children.”

Mentoring Youth volunteers are positive role models, providing guidance, friendship and support as well as advocacy, when necessary, on behalf of the children they are mentoring. To learn more about Mentoring Youth click here.

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