Thursday, October 28, 2010

Activity Outpaces Recession

By Janet Sharma

We hear a lot about how our country is in a recession. And, of course, it is. But the Volunteer Center's programs have seen little of this recession. In fact, to date this year, our programmatic efforts are soaring:

  • Our mentoring programs are overseeing large numbers of one-on-one mentor/mentee matches: 118 adult mentors are helping 125 kids see a brighter future, and 100 more are on the waiting list. 80 adult women are mentoring overwhelmed mothers who need guidance in parenting and life skills.
  • 45 volunteers with our Chore Service are performing minor but essential home repairs to keep nearly 1,300 seniors and people with disabilities safe in their homes.
  • We’ve counted 124,744 searches for volunteer opportunities, plus another 7,100 seeking information about volunteer opportunities specifically for youth.
  • Our roster of trainings to build capacity of nonprofits is fuller than ever.
  • Skilled leaders are in higher demand than ever, and our Bergen LEADS program is helping to prepare them to face the challenges that lie ahead.
  • Our Business Volunteer Council is developing a workshops around the issue of corporate social responsibility for as part of the N.J. Governor’s Conference on Volunteerism, which will be held on Nov. 10 in Trenton.

While this record of productivity is exceptional, we admit that our financial picture could be better. As you peruse the website, blog or newsletter, we hope you will be inspired – not only to give your time and talents to help others, but also to support our work with your financial contribution.

To read more about the outstanding work of the Volunteer Center view our current Newsletter online here.

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