Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Step Right Up!

A local teen is showing us how one person can make a huge difference!

David Engle, from Glen Rock, NJ, started "Carnivals for Children on Wheels," which delivers the merriment of carnivals to kids who are underprivileged, homeless, and/or mentally or physically challenged. The carnivals are completely free and run entirely by volunteers!

"The summer before 9th grade I volunteered at an amazing therapeutic horse back riding facility called Pony Power of NJ,” says David Engle. “Once I volunteered there I realized that I had to give more of myself to help other people. I also knew that I was capable of running carnivals since I had run them with my father at our temple for many years. So I had the inspiration one day to combine my love for carnivals with helping other people and that is how Carnivals for Children on Wheels grew to what it is today."

Volunteers help with planning events and creating new carnival games, and also pitch in to develop fundraising ideas. Teens are welcome to sign up to volunteer! This is a great place to volunteer, because the result of every carnival is happy children! Not only that, they go home with arms full of prizes and faces full of smiles.

For more information, contact David Engle at or 201-956-1246. Check out

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