Monday, March 9, 2009

Online Volunteering - Easier Than You Think

On a rainy day like today or the many more we will have this spring, you might think that the last thing you want to do is go volunteer. Well, we've got you covered! If you would like to volunteer but have trouble getting out due to weather, an injury, a disability or sheer laziness, you can still VOLUNTEER!

With so many advancements in technology you can now volunteer right from your home. Websites like and Volunteer Match (look on the lower right hand side of the website for “Virtual Opportunities”) offer many internet based volunteer opportunities. You can help non-profits with research, writing, recruiting, blogging, IT, and much more. Non-profits are always looking for extra hands and it’s easy to get involved.

Virtual ways you can help the Volunteer Center are by joining our online community on Facebook or LinkedIn and recruiting your friends to get involved.

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