Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Party Time

The Chore luncheon of over 50 guests was fun and well organized, and the food from Fairmount Eats was a big hit! It's always fun to see the guys 'dressed up' and loving to chat with each other, and they really showed their mettle in helping get all the tables ready for the next event. What a crew! This doesn't just happen, I know; they got superb direction from our competent staff leadership.

The Mentoring Moms breakfast was HUGE (more than 150!) and hugely fun. Everyone seemed to have a good time and the arts&crafts kept lots of kids busy and happy. Food and give-aways were plentiful and greatly appreciated by the moms. Tara did a great job with the karaoke, and the steadfast Santa with the beautiful velvet suit and warm heart stole the show!

Finally, rounding out the weekend of parties was the VIPS party and boy was it a smash! So many people, so many volunteers, so much food, so much fun. Scott Reedin, DJ extraordinaire, and the PTK grads kept things hopping, and Dave from Quest was an admirable Santa. It was great party due to the preparation and organization that went into it, everything turned out beautifully.
UPS Employee volunteers.

Volunteers from the Hackensack High School Interact Club.

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