Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Volunteer Narrative - The Simple Things

“The Simple Things”
By Corry DeMarco, Ventures Member

Most of us complain that our hectic schedules don’t allow us time to enjoy the simple things in life. Stuck on multitasking?

At Spectrum for Living* you can slow down and enjoy the simple things, while also helping your fellow man. A visit to the Maywood group home is a telling example.

When you enter the comfortable home you immediately feel at ease; and when you see the friendly, expectant faces of the residents, you can’t help but grin back!

You’ll feel yourself draw in a deep, relaxing breath for the first time all day. Then its time to bring out the board games, puzzles, drawing paper… even playdoh! You’ll find that the activities that used to bring us so much joy years ago still do the trick! As you concentrate on a puzzle with the residents you’ll feel the stress from your workday slowly recede to the background.

When is the last time you allowed yourself the time to enjoy a good laugh? Typically at work we may allow ourselves a brief half-smile before moving on with business. But the open, playful personalities of the residents always set the stage for sharing a good laugh. These events are also a good opportunity to meet other volunteers you may not have had the opportunity to get to know.

So my advice for handling that stressful, crazy workday? Head right over to a Spectrum event… your tense shoulders (and the Spectrum residents,) will thank you for it!

* Spectrum for Living is a nonprofit organization that provides services and operates group homes for adults with developmental disabilities.

For more information on Volunter Ventures and other programs like this one please call Debbie Emery at 201-489-9454, ext. 118.

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